C.D.S Cleaning Driveway Services

C.D.S Cleaning Driveway Services


After care!

After care service


After we have made your driveway/ patio look like new, we will offer you an after care service! We will contact you early winter time to see if you would like this service

We can maintain your driveway/patio by applying a high quality anti fungal spray, this spray is not your average anti fungal spray you can buy in a DIY store, this kills all algae, moss, seeds, etc, the spray settles on top of the sealant and prevents these pests from growing back through

All you need to do is regularly sweep your driveway to keep it looking nice and new, the spray will kill the roots, so the moss cannot settle on your driveway, so with little cost to you ,your driveway will look new through the winter period, our service will come with a one year manufacturers warranty!

If you do have any issues of problems please feel free to contact us anytime for free advice or if you would like us to come out we will gladly help