C.D.S Cleaning Driveway Services

C.D.S Cleaning Driveway Services


Stages of our work



First of all we will thoroughly prepare your driveway using our specialist spinner machine, this removes 25mm of old sand that is in between the blocks, it removes weeds, algae, moss and grime that has built up over the years! This will give a thorough clean to your driveway or patio 

Did you know that careless jet washing damages your paving? Not only does it take off the wearing surface from the blocks but it makes them more susceptible to stains, moss and weed growth, and removes sand from the joints allowing damage to the base below that could eventually cause the blocks to become unseated, resulting in sinking and spreading

Once we have completed the first stage we will need to allow a couple of dry days before beginning the next stage



Where the old sand has been removed on the first stage, we will then replace it with Kiln Sand! This will strengthen the structure of your driveway/paving

Sand is part of the structure of block paving, our sterilised sand is carefully applied to every joint and with increased friction it distributes the load, We will use a brush to spread our Kiln Sand over all the gaps evenly to get a neat layer over your driveway.



The final stage is our high quality sealant, we only use smart seal products, this is a formulated resin which is sprayed in to stabilise the sand, reduce wash out,and loss of jointing, it helps to protect sand sub base against erosion, inhibits weed growth and resists moss and algae invasion.

Our spray coat resin that is applied has many benefits! It has a Special UV shield which reduces colour fade and the sealed surface will help prevent stains and oil,( it will just wash off) and it also protects against frost damge! Our resin has a low slip finish!